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IMG_1572-2Katie Kump

Jesus is mine, I am his, and just that he calls me “Beloved” is grace enough to last a lifetime. I earned a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs and Modern Language from Georgia Tech in 2009, but the diplomacy I find myself most often enjoying is that which is required for the three-year-old I nanny.  In March of 2011 I married my best friend, Stephen, and simultaneously became an Army wife. Not the TV-glamorous kind, but the messy, such-a-wreck-most-of-the-time kind. Just the kind of woman who knows her need for grace. I love to write–cannot stop. Jesus finds me in words, and I long to give him to others through them. If you love words as much as I do, I’ve written thousands more over at KatieKump.com. But these are just for you, woman of God. So glad you found them.

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Lauren Rogers


You can probably boil me down to a few essentials. I am about Jesus the Christ foremost. He is the most important person to me and in me. I am about loving people; I try to imitate Jesus in doing this, probably because He lives in me and loving people is what He is all about! What am I learning about? The summer of 2013 Jesus led me into marriage and now I’m learning how to love and serve my sinful(ly handsome) husband and live purposefully for the Kingdom in Norcross, Georgia. I hope for my life to demonstrate that Jesus is my treasure. May my thoughts and posts point you to the Son of God and encourage you to love Him and those around you with new passion.

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Adria King

Adria headshotSimply simple. Or I like to think I am at least, but my closet and the endless hours spent online shopping might say otherwise. Daugher, sister, aunt, friend, nanny, writer, and a door holder. Door holder? A term adopted at my church in atlanta, but a term adopted in my own life. Let me hold the door open for you into my life, my own pain, my own fears, and let we welcome you in. Let me let you see them, so that you may be encouraged by them. So that you might learn from them. So that ultimately, you see Jesus. That’s all I strive for my life to be…. an open door. A door that leads you straight to the throne where you bask in His presence. A door that takes you straight to Jesus. Welcome, I am glad you found my door. Walk through it more often at adriaking.blogspot.com.

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Morgan Reynolds

headshot-3I’m really just about two things: Jesus & people. I graduated from Lee University in 2012 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. You see, the Lord leads my life one step at a time, and the current stepping-stone I’m on is Nashville, TN. I work as a student ministry intern, something I told myself I would never do, and I love it. I love what the Lord has placed before me in this season, but let me be very real with you: life is messy and mine is no exception. I’m thankful He never fails to meet me in the midst of the mess with buckets of grace. I am so glad you are here, and I pray that through the words He gives me, you would see Jesus. Words are precious to me, and you can find more of mine at Found. Forgiven. Free.

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Molly Parker

1782406_10202034441798638_8718228563264156824_o I am a fifth year student at Georgia Tech with a heart for the nations. Jesus has taken me some crazy places already, but the one thing that blows my mind no matter where I am or who I’m with is how his love is constantly pursuing me. I pray that I will always be in awe of what my Jesus has in store for me. Check out more of my story over on Boasting in Weakness.

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