Happy Birthday, Dearly Beloved! (that’s YOU!)

In May of 2008, our own Lauren Rogers invited me to her birthday celebration. We all went out to lunch at La Madeleine’s and Lauren picked up the tab. It actually took me a few days to put all the pieces together, but what I realized has stuck with me.

On a day that could have been all about Lauren, she opened her arms wide and wrapped them around the friends she loved most. She emptied her wallet to fill up our stomachs and welcome us into her life.

She wasn’t the point. Community was.
And when you’ve been loved like that, you never forget.

That’s why today, as we celebrate one year of the Dearly Beloved Blog, we’re opening up our own hearts and giving you some of our favorite things.

We’re looking to Jesus, the Author and Perfect of this work,
and we’re celebrating community by wrapping you up
in some real, tangible affection.


As much as we wish we could sit down for coffee with each of you, we’re doing the next best thing: we’ll be giving away a handful of our favorite books, gifts, and coffee gift cards! And really, does anything say “quality time” quite like caffeine and more words?

All you need to do? Step up to the table we’re setting for you. How can you do that? There are four easy ways (and each one gains you a new entry!):

  • Come follow us on Instagram (@dearlybelovedblog) and “like” the giveaway pic!
  • Comment on that picture and tag three friends you’d want wrapped up in love here too.
  • Hug us back by posting a regram of the giveaway pic! (Just be sure to tag us so we know.)
  • Get an extra entry here by signing up for emails from Dearly Beloved. (This will be especially handy as we take a break over the holidays. Email subscription = you don’t miss any of the love when we come back in 2015!) (If you already get emails, comment below to snag your extra entry.)

Beloved, we are so glad YOU are here. Come celebrate Jesus with us?

We love you, but He loves you more.


Katie, Lauren, Adria, Molly, & Morgan


PS–If you’re a writer or enjoy sharing Jesus through words in any way, we would love to know! We’re always looking for more friends to welcome as guests here on Fridays. Shoot us an email at dearlybelovedblog (at) gmail (dot) com. We would love to hear from you!

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