A Problem Called Praise


Learning how to not be okay is a challenge that most fail to accomplish. They struggle to put their pride aside long enough to be vulnerable. But for someone who has walked through the fire time after time, to not be okay is my middle name. But recently I am learning not how to not be okay, but to be okay. To have that same desperation for the Lord when things are falling into place that I have when things are falling a part.

“…the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, may the name of the Lord be praised.”
Job 1:21

The Lord be praised.

Job is one of those characters that screams faith. But not just in the bad but in the good. He so clearly lays it out for us in the verse above.

When Jesus gives, praise.
When Jesus takes, praise.

We need to shift our attitude from letting our circumstances define our faith, and move towards our faith defining our circumstance. It’s not about how you feel; it’s about the goodness of our God.

How do we change the circumstance?

We don’t say what’s wrong with us
or what is wrong in our life,
but we say what is right with our God.

What if we were the church that needed nothing else but the fact God saved us to praise Him?

I believe that if we adopted that mentality we would forever have that desperation for Jesus.

We always have a reason to praise.

Pause. That is something that is hard even for me to swallow. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful . . . we always have a reason to praise. I am so guilty of only praising when I find comfort again.

Two reasons to praise God:

  1. God has already done more than you think He has.
  2. God is going to do more than you think He will.

Praise protects you from focusing on discouragement.

When you believe God is going to do more than you could imagine, you don’t just focus on what He hasn’t done, you focus on who He is. We have a job to do. And we must do it, Beloved. We must praise Him.

We must do our job, because Jesus never fails to do His.

So in the bad, let your praise be a problem for Satan. Let it be so loud that Satan finds himself furious. Let is be so loud that there is nothing he can do to about it. Your voice can’t be stolen. Satan can’t take it. So use it.

Use it loudly.

In the good, humble yourself and realize that you still need Jesus in the good. Listen to Job.

That’s where I am right now, learning that I need Jesus just as much in the beauty as I do in the ashes. When you realize this, I think you are finally starting to realize how useless you are without Him. That is a beautiful place to be. Fully dependent on Him no matter where you find yourself.

It’s okay to not be okay, but still praise Him.
It’s okay to be okay, but still praise Him.


Things to think about:

  • Are you just as desperate for Jesus in the good as you are in the bad?
  • Are you letting your circumstance define your faith? Or are you letting your faith define your circumstance?
  • Do you praise Him both when He gives and takes?
  • How can you let your praise become a problem for Satan this week?

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