Brave Is Just Another Word For Jesus


Despite what people said and what I had expected, college was not the season of life where I found out who I was. It was all too easy to sign up for sorority recruitment, Bible studies, and all the other offerings campus extended. It’s taken most of my twenties to unravel who I am underneath.

The steady approach of thirty, marriage, baby fever, and a call to back away from status updates — all these are working together to figure out what’s inside. Many days the findings are scary, unpredictable, and messy.

Still, I want to find brave in here, in this twenty-seven-year-old chest. I want to find courage and passion and calling. In some ways I am brave, but it feels a lot more like Full Of Fear than FearLess. And it looks a lot more like uncertainty and hormones than self-assured and self-controlled.

…I’ve shared the rest of these words over on the (in)courage blog this week. Would you join me there? And please–stay a while and soak up the goodness of God in the words of the other women in this space. It’s like a hug full of hope and dark chocolate for your soul. xxxoooo!

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