Simply Jesus {my heart birthed a book}

It’s here. Today is the day I poke my head around the corner of the internet and tell you…

My heart has left my chest in the form of 40,000 words — and two tiny clicks bring it straight to your Kindle — for free.

Yes, today I’m right here whispering — Simply Jesus: Because Hindsight Shows You He Is All You Ever Needed.

Simply JesusGod’s been stirring and speaking and streaming these words out of my soul for the last four-and-a-half years. Yep, that long. I never really thought of giving up, but I never really thought that I would finish either.

But today, the work is finished. It is not perfect, but it is obedience. And I wrote about it here several weeks ago, but I’m just asking God to let this busted-open heart, this broken-wide flask, be a fragrant offering on His feet, a beautiful thing I have done to Jesus, and a herald of the goodness of His gospel to the world around me.

This book is meant for women, specifically the younger versions of myself, who are desperate for Jesus to make sense of their middle school, high school, and college lives. But ultimately, the Truth is the Truth, and we’re all needing Truth every day and every way.

So whether you’re a sophomore girl in high school, an older brother to your sisters in Christ, a mom or dad to hormonal teens, or a grandparent, maybe this book is for you and the women you love?

Whoever you are, you are loved — and these words are free for you this week. Monday to Friday you can download Simply Jesus at no cost to you. Granted, it’s only $0.99 regularly, but I’d really rather gift it altogether. Your two clicks would give me that joy.

I’ll be sharing bits and pieces throughout the week, glimpses of what’s inside. Maybe you’ll share them with a few others?

I pray these words wrap themselves around the hearts of women, and I pray my own heart is more warmly wrapped around Jesus than ever before.

Thank you for loving me.
You are treasured by your Creator and this word-gushing sister
on the other side of your screen.

By // Through // For — Jesus,

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