Learning to Read the Love Letter {Look At The Book}

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This morning I stumbled up the stairs on legs that slept mercifully long last night. After driving old, familiar roads to see my parents, everything feels weirdly nostalgic in this house they’ve had for almost 20 years.

I set my Bible and computer down on the love seat that faces the backyard and thought, Okay, Lord, You know what Your Beloved need today.

Walking past the coffee pot on my way to the cereal in the pantry I saw the note. He leaves one every morning. In high school my mom would pack them into my lunch, a midday reminder that I was loved and prayed for, each and every day, by my Daddy.

This morning is no different. He’s included me in his note.


I realize right now it’s one of my favorite things about my dad. His encouragement, his faithfulness, and his expression of affection speak straight to my word-loving heart. It’s not uncommon for him to send midmorning emails now with the specific things he’s prayed for me during his long drive to work. In fact, he emails my brother every weekday morning with words of wisdom and encouragement.

With yet another realization of how wonderful this flesh-clad dad has been and is to us, my heart hurts heavy for the women of God who know little or nothing of that love. I think of Adria and how her heavenly Father is binding up the brokenness of her dad’s early passing. I think of others whose dads walked out or abused.

I walk back to my Bible with a bowl of Frosted Flakes, and I know what needs writing today.

You have a Father, Beloved. And He has written you love notes.

Some days it’s difficult to see the Bible as such. Some days it feels like just another way we’ve failed our God or our to do lists.

But I so strongly believe that God wants us in His Word,
not because we dutifully owe Him that,
but because He still has so much to give to us.

How can we make the most of the access we have to God’s Word? How can we really learn from it and apply it to our everyday lives? If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone. There are days, weeks, even seasons of life where I wrestle to maximize the Bible and enjoy the God who breathed the Word.

And so I’d like to share with you a resource I am thrilled to use. Look At The Book is John Piper’s new online method for teaching people to read the Bible for themselves. Each video is ~10 minutes long. He explains the concept here:

Would you join me in studying God’s Word today? Let’s pick up His love letters and hold them close to our hearts. I’ll be here with Luke 12:32 today — won’t you come?

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