Introducing: Molly Parker! {and a giveaway to celebrate!}

Today Lauren and I are incredibly excited to introduce the newest addition to the Dearly Beloved team: Molly Parker!

As we come closer and closer to celebrating the first anniversary of Dearly Beloved, we are thrilled to welcome fresh faces to the team and watch God grow the leadership and influence of this little corner of the internet. Molly has written guest posts for us in the past and been an avid follower since the very beginning. She’ll be sharing these Wednesday spaces with Lauren!

Take a moment to get to know Molly and then be sure to check out the details for our celebratory giveaway below!


1782406_10202034441798638_8718228563264156824_oI’m Molly Parker. I’m currently working on my victory lap (5th year) at Georgia Tech. I consider myself a connoisseur of coffee shops, but I spend most of my time on campus with my job with our football team and my sorority sisters. I try to juggle a lot of things in my life, not always for the better. I spent five of the hardest months of my life living by myself in Germany. I will always have the travel bug.

It is really easy for me to think I have my life together and can keep all the juggling balls up in the air. But mercifully and kindly, Jesus reminds me over and over that I am nothing without him. He loves to show me how he has orchestrated things just so in my life and all the ways he has been faithful to me over the years. Despite what the world calls success, Jesus shows me the grace in which he has drenched my life and the ways he is redeeming it all for his glory.

Because that is my real aim in life. For him to redeem all that I am to bring God greater glory.

There are a ton of times that I don’t know what that looks like. How do I love people, especially ones I don’t particularly like, in a way that glorifies God? What does it look like to search for a job with a heavenly perspective instead of maximizing my benefits? In what ways can I be Jesus to my roommate that needs some extra love this week? How will my life change when I get a better glimpse of who Jesus is and the heart of his Father? I mess it up. A lot. But there is so much grace in this journey. It’s already been a crazy ride, and I could share some awesome stories. I would love for you to walk with me. Join me?


A Celebratory Giveaway!

Join us on Instagram @dearlybelovedblog for a chance to win this amazing print by Aliza Latta {it’s Molly’s favorite!}. And be sure to check out the rest of Aliza’s work over at Choose Brave — we’re pretty sure you’ll love her art as much as we do!


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