Be Still and Know.

Be still.

The sun has tucked itself back behind the clouds for the night. The house is becoming still while everyone starts settling in and calling it a day. The fan is spinning around and around creating the perfect breeze. The only light being illuminated is from my computer screen, as I lay snuggled up in my bed. The volume is muted, when usually YouTube is playing a song in the background. My phone is across the room turned off. I finally allow the quiet and stillness to join together and when I do they compose a song and my ears might not be able to decipher it, but my heart hears it as if it is being blasted through speakers….be still and know.

Jesus tells us so clearly that the stillness comes before the knowing.

Beloved, quiet your soul, shift into the stillness, and then the knowing comes.

In a day and age where life moves at a million miles an hour and the distractions are greater than ever we have lost the ability to become still. I am just as guilty as you. I find myself checking instagram right before going to bed only because my flesh doesn’t want to be silenced, and it recognizes that when I am still, I am silent, and…

when I am silent….Jesus is so loud.

When the word “still” is used as a transitive verb it means to put an end to. As believers we should aim for our lives to continuously use the word still as a transitive verb. We should aim to continuously put an end to self. Not in the physical way, but in the spiritual way. When we end self, we become humble. When we become humble we become willing to become still because we have realized that we don’t always have to be the one to speak. Our flesh will fail on a day-to-day basis, but when we finally get to that place where we walk into the stillness because we long for it, we then have confidence to tell our flesh to shut up. Then we listen. Then we hear. Then we know.

I want to know why God is doing this?
I want to know who God wants me to invite to church?
I want to know where God wants me to go to college?

It all starts with being still.

Beloved, you are deaf. But we serve a God that heals the sick, but you have to be still enough for Him to heal you.

“He says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

He doesn’t tell us to know all the answers to our questions. He doesn’t tell to know all the right things to say to people. He tells us to know that He is God.

Right in this moment, it finally clicks.

He just wants us to know that He is God because that’s all we need in this life.

We just need to know Him, to recognize who He is. When we do that, we need nothing else. The questions we ask won’t vanish into thin air, but our hearts won’t be desperate for all the answers because we know in the end He is the answer to all things. If we know Him, we know all the answers.

There is constant war going on in all of our lives right now. The enemy doesn’t want you to even have the chance to slow down let alone stop all together. But thankfully that war that is going on, you don’t have to fight it.

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” (Exodus 14:14)

Jesus, paralyze us. Make us not even capable to move. Make us still. Then make us know you are God.


Things to think about:

  1. What is your greatest distraction right now that keeps you from being still?
  2. What is one time in the day that you can carve out time for just you and Jesus?
  3. Are you letting self/flesh keep you from listening?
  4. Do you really understand humility?
  5. Are you willing to tell yourself to shut up so you can listen to Jesus?



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