Needing His love

Even though I feel undeserving of such an honor, unqualified for the race, unprepared for the journey Jesus invites me to start now. All the while He pats my back comfortingly and says over me,

“In your weakness, I am strong.”

“I am with you, do not fear.”

“If I am for you little one, who can be against you?”

“I take care of the sparrows, how much more then will I see about you?!”

Those are the promises I can grip firmly in my mind as I walk forward into a new season of ministry. And as I grip and squeeze and dig my fingernails into His promises, I know that really what keeps my heart trusting in God is not due to my effort. Because really my effort ebbs and flows with my hormones and exhaustion. Even though I heartily try to keep my chin up in faith, and walk into this new season courageously I so easily get overwhelmed with the details and intimidated by the obstacles. I need God to encourage me, but even more, I need God to fill me up with faith and to be constantly with me .

Do you ever feel like that? Where you need more than just a dose of scripture in the morning, you need His presence in each and every step?

Walking around Georgia Tech this morning, it is the current of His love that grips and clings to me. It reminds me of all that He’s brought me through. It reminds me of His ultimate display of love. It paints the picture of how I am a drop in the ocean, and that the Lord cares about me. His love wraps around me and says every part, every part of you is covered in this love. There’s no hiding from His love. And I feel it soak into my bones even as I write about it, the love of God. Loving me enough to die the death I earned for myself.

Have you ever done that? Meditated on His love for you until it soaks into your soul?

God could let us stay sitting on the bank, with our toes in the current of His love giving the more “able” ministers high fives as they swim by. But He loves us too much. He invites us into the abundance of a life given completely to Him. He invites us to jump in and be wrapped tight in His love, even if we feel undeserving, unqualified and ill-prepared. His love doesn’t require a certain gpa or perfect background check. He loves you and He wants you to know it.

God is love

Today, do you keep yourself from God’s presence because you don’t feel good enough?

Love is never a passive thing. No way does love lie dormant. Love does, moves, sweeps you off your couch to serve, give, teach and encourage. It is the essence of God. God is love. And God is about transformation in my life and those around me. He, love Himself, is not okay with letting us live sinful and gluttonous lives — He knows the better way and is constantly at work leading us to His love.

So let His love surround you today, soak in it, jump in it and let Him love others through you. 

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