Transition and Trust

////A guest post from Sara Wingate////

It has been a year of constant transitions.

Only a few short weeks ago, I returned home from a missions trip that takes you to many different countries and continents within a year. With this program, I changed ‘homes’ at least once a month. One month, it was as many as eleven (yep….ELEVEN) moves within one month.

I am still catching my breath.

But actually, this transition season goes back further than just leaving on a trip. It started six months before. After losing my job. And moving from my home. And landing in a house filled with roommates, almost all of them strangers. All within one week. Life turned topsy-turvy and upside down at a dizzying pace.

A whirlwind. A tidal wave. Emotional chaos. It has been quite a ride.

It is delightful to now be back in my hometown but it is becoming increasingly apparent: I am still in transition. And most days I am still just so tired.

Of finding my place in a world that has changed and moved on in my absence; not forgotten, but not quite remembered.

Of anticipating a new season, a new job, and moving to a new place; but really just wanting to already be in a place that feels like home.

Can I just skip the necessary stage of putting yourself out there, reconnecting with old friendships and forging new friendships?

More than ever, I want home.

But ‘home’ feels more elusive than ever.

The problem is, home is no longer where it was.

Until I realize that we are made for home. Each one of us. It is how we are designed. And how we function. It is a place that is intended for us to find.

That place of rest, safety, and identity.

Maybe what I called ‘home’ wasn’t really home.

Perhaps you can relate to what is on my heart today. Maybe you are in a season of stepping into new places of territory and faith. Maybe you wonder what happened to your life…and if you are even on the right path. Maybe you find yourself in an unusual season of loneliness; missing the sweetness of simply being understood.
Even as my soul so wants stability and to find a bit of my life that I left, God is calling my spirit into a new place of faith.



Transition hurts. It is necessary. It is even good. But it hurts.

Transition pushes our boundaries to have any place of comfort and dependency outside of God.


So it’s not about that whirlwind, or tidal wave, or emotional chaos….it is really about that big ‘T’ word that takes all of us a lifetime to learn: Trust.

And, if you are like me, until now it has looked more like running from it than trying to learn it. But then, after a few intense crash courses, beginning to learn it anyway. It’s about finally having to believe God is who we have claimed Him to be: trustworthy. Because we have no more options, no more safety nets left.

Today, if you are in this season, I want to encourage us that it is God given. God ordained. And orchestrated with great purpose by the One who fights for our highest good.

This season is given for an increase in faith — so we can realize that faith still works. That what we hold onto is not in vain, but is still truth for everyday life as well as eternity. He still moves mountains. He still calms storms.

It is given for the freedom to hope. Even if our hearts can turn cynical, underneath is the hope that we can never truly seem to kill entirely. With this new season, it rises again to tell us that the impossible is once again possible. That hope does not disappoint, even if it has been deferred.

It is given for the room to dream. Sometimes we must leave….or get kicked out of (yours truly)…the life we know to realize the dreams we had forgotten. The ones we were told were too impractical, improbable, too risky. But He has always believed in our dreams…even when we haven’t. And now, when everything appears to be upside down anyway, the dreams glimmer again. Perhaps they are not too risky, perhaps they are worth a leap. After all, we have tried a life without these dreams and God has led us here.

God loves the dreamer, He is close to the brokenhearted, and He calls us to new levels of faith. He whispers ‘trust me again’ to hearts that constantly fail at the thought of yet another leap.

For those of us in transition and craving home, let’s first find our true home where it has always been. It has taken me a year of living in constant transition to understand that true home is actually not a location….it is HIM. Wherever He is, wherever He calls us, we are safe, protected, known.

He will certainly provide every dream of our heart in beautiful timing. That is His promise. And I know now I can trust Him for a place of belonging. But today, let’s find our forever home even in the middle of shifting sands.

This season is how He chooses to awaken our faith even further, to encourage us to polish our dreams.

transition and trust

Hold tight, dear heart. We will see even greater things than before. God does not waste a single thing. He is not wasting this moment.

And so we go, from glory to glory.


Sara Wingate and Lauren Rogers became friends through a young adults group in Winston Salem. Last summer they both flew the coop for different adventures. Sara recently returned from her travels from country to country with the World Race sharing the love of Christ across the nations. She is a talented artist, writer and encourager and you can find her journey here! We are so blessed to be able to host Sara here today and we pray her words bring you closer to Him.


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