Saturday Reads

Killing Christian Hipster

Somewhere on the road of trying to find my identity in Christ I have been met with a dangerous temptation to find my identity in a new “Christian” stereotype. -Maci Shingleton

A virus more deadly than Ebola

Donald Trump has sent in recent days a series of panicky tweets. July 31: “Ebola patient will be brought to the U.S. in a few days … KEEP THEM OUT OF HERE!” Aug. 1: “Stop the EBOLA patients from entering the U.S.” Later on Aug. 1: “The U.S. cannot allow EBOLA infected people back. People that go to far away places to help out are great—but must suffer the consequences!”

‘They would not convert and it cost them their life’. Family of eight Iraqi Christians shot in the face.

Church leaders in Iraq have selected Sunday, August 9 for the Day of Prayer.

Essential Prayer
When you stop and think about it, there really are all kinds of prayer. Praying for guidance is quite different from praying for someone’s healing; prayer of confession is very different from praying for a loved one’s salvation.

But there are two essential forms of prayer we’d like to suggest ought to be part of your regular practice.

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