When Nothing Feels Stable

The past month of my life can pretty much be summed up in one word: transition.

No, but really. From packing up my apartment, figuring out where to store my stuff, praying the Lord would open doors for a job, more packing stress, still having more place to put my stuff, getting a job, finally finding place for my things to go, going home for two weeks, packing up again, and now transitioning into a new job all while trying to figure out how to find an apartment and learn to walk in my new grown up shoes… yeah, I guess you could say there’s a bit of transition taking place there.

I’ll be 100% honest: I’m not handling it very well. At least, I haven’t been for the past few days. There have been many tears, many overwhelming moments, and many, many frantic prayers asking, “Jesus help! I think I’m losing it!”

It’s often that moments like this strike me to the core and remind me of my desperate need of Him.

Which is exactly what happened as I tried to calm myself down with several deep breaths this morning as I was loading my car. I had just finished loading the last of my things in when I sat down on my couch to just take a moment and be still…which was what I anticipated being a futile attempt at being not quite so stressed. I sighed one of those heavy sighs and glanced across my room, scanning for any missed or forgotten items, and just as I’m finishing my sweep of the room I catch sight of the edge of what’s hanging on the wall behind me; a sign/banner I made my senior year of college. I shifted my body and stared up at the words: ‘til I only dwell in Thee.

Just like that, peace washed over my weary soul, because I knew Jesus had heard my frantic prayer.

Instantly memories flooded my mind of the first time I heard that phrase; it comes from the Brooke Fraser song “Hymn” and the lyrics of that song carry significant weight in my life. I learned many lessons of senior year of college, one of them being that my dwelling place, my home, my rest, my peace, my safe haven is in Jesus.

So as I sit in the midst of transition, when I don’t know what the next day holds, when I have far more questions than I do answers, and when all I do is find myself desperately searching for something that isn’t in limbo in my life, I have been reminded by a simple phrase that He stability. He is my consistency. He is my unmoving, unshakable, ever-present foundation.

“The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” –Psalm 18:2

So dear friends, wherever you stand in your life right now, no matter what transition you are facing, no matter how much inconsistency and instability you see in front of you, know that your precious Savior is your dwelling place, your stability, and your constant.

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