Personal Development Questions

We’re about to slide into August and if you’re anything like me then your summer was jam-packed and not as restful and reflective as you thought it would be. Sure, we netflix-ed and went to the beach. But what about the real heart rest of taking a day to examine the past year, to poke and prod at it wondering what God has done and who He is shaping you into? That’s what I want today, before the rush of August events hits. It seems a more obvious thing to do on January 1st, but as students I’d encourage you to use this natural rift between the end of summer and the start of school to mark your ends and beginnings.

I’ve snagged these questions from Campus Outreach Atlanta’s website to go through today. I’d love to hear about what God’s doing in your life, so feel free to leave a comment below.


• Write down 30 observations about yourself.
• What are your strengths and weaknesses?
• Who are the three people who know you best?
• Ask 3 people for 10 observations about you.
• Who are the people who are/have influenced you the most?
• What things are you committed to?
• What principles/convictions are you committed to?
• What people are you committed to?
• What factors in your family, life, background, have shaped your life the most?
• What do you enjoy doing the most?
• What are you best at doing?
• What are your spiritual gifts?
• What do you believe are the biggest challenges you face in becoming all that God wants
you to be?
• Write your obituary-120 words or less.
• How is your ministry affecting your own relationship with God?
• How is your sense of God’s call being clarified?
• Where are your skills being tested?
• Where is your character being tested?
• What are your hopes and dreams for your future ministry?
• What evidence can you point to of the presence and power of God in your ministry?
• How is your relationship/communication style impacting your ministry?
• As you assess your growth, where do you see areas you need to work on? What are your
felt deficiencies?
• What are some new things you could try?
• What are some things you could do that would help you to be more a person of integrity?
• What pain have you experienced and what were some of the effects of that pain?
• How has that shaped who you are?
• How might God use your past to prepare you for ministry in the future?
• Things haven’t worked out as you’d hoped. Knowing that God is wisely shepherding you,
what might he be teaching you through that?

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