Studying the Word

Romans 7:22-25 were verses that came up on my daily Bible reading app (Lectionary) and lately I’ve been learning and thinking about how important it is to study the Word. So, I thought maybe we could do this together every once in a while? I’m a visual person and sometimes it helps me to make connections with the verses if I turn scripture into art and color it.


Let’s first meditate on this passage. Read it three times and once out loud. Do you understand the general gist of what Paul’s saying?

Let’s pray and ask Jesus to come be with us, plant His word deep in our hearts, and open up our eyes to really understand His word.

Now for some questions. It will help you tremendously if you write your answers down in your journal.

Let’s make some observations:
*Who is the main subject of the text?
*What words/phrases are repeated?
*What words/phrases are emphasized?
*What words/phrases are similar to each other or opposite of each other?
*What does this text tell me about Jesus?

Let’s make some interpretations:
*I labeled words by using the colors green, red and yellow. What do the words in each color have to do with one another?
*Are there any words you don’t know? Go look them up.
*What is the context? Go read the passages before and after this text here.
*List the principles you’ve uncovered from the text.

Let’s make some applications:
*Attitude that needs changing:
–Where am I not being like Christ in my daily life?
–Do I have an attitude about something or someone that God would not want me to have?
–What attitudes do I need to surrender?
*Confessions that need to be made:
–Let us stop here and confess any sin God has shown me.
*Knowledge learned:
–Is there a new way God wants me to think about Him, the world, or me?
–What did I learn about my position in Christ?
–What lies am I believing about God, Me, the World?
–What truth do I need to embrace to think rightly about God, the world, and me?

Ten years ago, I wished someone would give me a guide about how to study God’s word. So as to help me cultivate the soil of my heart to produce good fruit. Hopefully, this guide will help you step into a deeper embrace of Jesus and His word.

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