Saturday Reads

A Worship Playlist for Your Restful & Rejoicing Weekend:


Would You Tackle the Gunman?

On Thursday, June 5, shortly after 3:30 in the afternoon, inside a building on the campus of Seattle Pacific University, a student named Jon Meis pepper-sprayed a stranger and tackled him to the floor.


Six Principles For People-Helpers

The essentials necessary to serve God effectively in another culture apply in ones own culture as well. Since our true home is not in this world, we are all called to cross cultures with the gospel, whether we cross an ocean or cross the street. The principles that came into focus for me in another country are equally relevant at home. -John Robertson


Dear Women & Daughters: When You’re Tired of Media Voices Telling You What Beauty & Love Is

If you listen long enough to all the loud voices about who you should be, you grow deaf to the beauty of who you are. -Ann Voskamp


12 Questions to Ask Before You Watch ‘Game of Thrones’

Adam emailed to ask: “Pastor John, what would you say to a Christian who watches the cable TV show Game of Thrones?” This is a television series rated TV-MA, and has become rather infamous for its explicit nudity and sex scenes, and for graphic scenes of rape and sexual violence against women. Game of Thrones is now the most popular series in HBO history, with an average audience of more than 18 million viewers. -John Piper


The most amazing iPhone photos of the year – SO inspiring!


Three Tips for Better Bible Reading

You probably don’t need to hear reasons that it’s important to read the Bible. You know it is. But you might need some motivation. One way to get excited about reading the Bible is to rethink your Bible-reading strategy. Here are three tips for better Bible reading…

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