When You Want To Give Up

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When the running app finally interrupted the music announcing “distance: three miles,” I nearly collapsed. I slowed to walk up the hill I was relieved to not have to run and glanced at my time as I stopped the clock.

That was the worst and hardest run of my entire life, I thought as I dragged myself home. As defeat resounded in my mind I remembered the glimpse of my time. Divided by three. Huh.

This had not been my worst. Oh it was hard and it certainly felt worse than any run I can remember, but when I looked at the facts in hindsight, I was surprisingly far from failure. My time, for me, was perhaps even noteworthy.

Maybe struggle does not equal failure any more than scared equals not brave


I’m over in my own space today with words to push us onward in the fight. Join us over here?

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