Saturday Reads

Kayla Austin: a May graduate who is changing the world

How do you describe a young woman who goes to Honduras on a mission trip at the age of 19, discovers a starving, disabled, neglected little boy and embraces him as her own, takes him to live with her in Chattanooga, attends classes at UTC while she raises him for the last two years, graduates, and then returns to Honduras to establish a non-profit program to help care for abused women and young mothers


In new, unknown things, I find myself anxious to be further along than I am, crossing my fingers for things to unfold in a particular way. I need to know it will be worth it – hold my breath until the happy ending.

4 Ways to Minister to Older Saints

If you desire a revival of gospel-centered ministry, then you’ll need to learn from and engage the the older generation. Consider these four ways to minister to older saints.

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