What You Give When You Feel Like You Have Nothing To Give

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There are just some days where I find myself very aware of how human I am. Days where I feel that I fall so short and having nothing to offer anyone. Do you know those days? Those days where you feel heavy and discouraged that you have nothing of value to bring to the table? I do. Oh yes, I know them all too well. And the past few weeks have had more days like that than I care to allow myself to realize or admit.

But in the past few days I’ve been reminded of a truth He taught me a while ago; a beautiful lesson I didn’t know I needed to learn and am often surprised by how frequently He has to remind me: Jesus is the most valuable gift you can offer.

“But Peter said, “I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!” -Acts 3:6

You see, in the beginning of Acts 3, Peter and John were going to the temple and on their way they encountered a beggar. He asked them for money but they had none. But they gave Him what they had, and what they had was Jesus.

They gave him what they had, and what they had was Jesus.

What a powerful pictures this paints. Silver and gold are costly, not things you would find simply laying on the side of the road. On the contrary, they are precious and valuable. But not as valuable as Jesus.

So often I find myself trying to live out of the tangible; usually the things that really don’t matter all that much when I gain a little perspective. This world, our culture, society, and all those other people that have input in your life, will tell you that it’s all about what YOU bring, what YOU can do, and what YOU have to offer.

But could it be that the most valuable thing you can offer is something (or more appropriately, someone) that isn’t brought about by some human effort of your own? Something that doesn’t come from you? Could it possibly be that the most valuable gift you have to give is One that has first been given to you? As children of God, it’s about what HE brings, what HE can do, and what HE as to offer. And the beautiful thing is that He often chooses to use us in the process.

You see, through Christ we have been given life, we have been set free, and we can live in that freedom. What Peter and John gave to that man on the side of the road that day was more than something that would fade with time: they showed him the power of Christ; they showed him Jesus.

I am reminded over and over again that this is the most precious gift we can bring to anyone. Silver and gold are tangible objects that will fade with time, and ultimately will not satisfy the needs that we have, much less the needs of other people. But as children of God we have been given a precious gift: Jesus. And He gives us life, and we, like Peter and John, can share it with others.

So if you’re wondering what you have to offer, and if you’re wondering what you can contribute that has any value, let me just encourage you: As a daughter of Christ you have the most valuable gift to share with others; you have Jesus.

If you’re wondering what you have to offer…you have Jesus.

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