Saturday Reads

What ‘Mean Girls’ Taught Us

10 years after its release, why Tina Fey’s iconic high school film has stuck with us.

The Tornado and the Cheerleader

The miraculous faith of a family devastated by the recent tornado.

Spiritual Mentoring Series; How to Find a Spiritual Mentor

Counsel is like deep water and a man of understanding draws it out.

Pope Declares John and John Paul to Be Saints . . . God Declares You to Be a Saint

Even if you’re not a Roman Catholic, Pope Francis’ declaration of two new saints is big news. But, from a biblical point of view, there is even bigger news: God declares you to be a saint. That’s right, from the perspective of the New Testament, if you have received God’s grace through faith in Christ, then you are a saint.

How to Care for the Most Important Part of You

I and no one else am responsible for the condition of my soul. The soul needs a keeper.
Our world has replaced the word soul with the word self, and they are not the same thing.
The more that we focus on our selves, the more we neglect our souls. -by John Ortberg

The Legacy I Want to Leave

But underneath all the arguments is the Book. The Bible. If future generations only learn what we saw, and not how to see it for themselves, they will be second-handers. And second-handers cannot last. They grow bored and boring. Powerful, truth-preserving, God-glorifying, Christ-exalting, soul-ravishing, mission-advancing ministry is sustained by the power to see for yourself the glories of God’s word.

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