Saturday Reads

God wants to give you Disney World but all you want is a Bounce House

I wanted the best for them that day and they were getting it.
But when I looked at Losiah he wasn’t NEAR as excited as the girls.
Maybe he didn’t get it.
“Losiah! We are going to DISNEYWORLD!!! WOOHOO!!!” -Ragamuffin Soul

What Suffering Does

Over the past few weeks, I’ve found myself in a bunch of conversations in which the unspoken assumption was that the main goal of life is to maximize happiness. That’s normal. When people plan for the future, they often talk about all the good times and good experiences they hope to have. We live in a culture awash in talk about happiness. In one three-month period last year, more than 1,000 books were released on Amazon on that subject. -NY Times

How Do I Talk with Someone Whose Worldview Opposes My Own?

Is one’s worldview—one’s reasoning of everything—grounded in divine revelation, or in self-preservation and self-interest?


 Then I broke these down into specific goals and tasks, and even calendared some of the tasks to make sure I remembered to do them. And I prayed for God’s help.

This exercise did some amazing things for my family and me.

Oh wait.

It didn’t.

Not really, anyway.

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