When You Can’t Control The Crush

Mondays have recently found us discovering all God wants to give us when we come to Him. God does not want a “quiet time” from you–He wants something greater for you–remember. We fast to align the daily workings of our lives with the reality that this world is not our home. And we really pray–in the moment, with the ones we pledge to pray for.

Today we’re facing the desires of our hearts, because God has asked to hold them all for us.

Dear Christian girl,

Please have crushes.

Please crush hard.

Please crush long.

Why? Because it is okay. Because God made you for relationship. Because marriage is a good desire. Because God wants your crushing heart not your crush-covering performance.

You may have mistakenly heard that crushing is bad for you, that wanting marriage is a hurdle to jump in this race called contentment. But the truth is that our hearts are aching for the freedom to d e s i r e.

…I’m sharing pieces of my crushing history and honest desires over at His Daily Dose today. Won’t you join us here?

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