to the one failing miserably with all the things

Yes, to you. The one overwhelmed. The “nearly-suffocating mess.” The one crying daily. The one child-like, unsure, never-been-so-struggling.

You, yes. Right there. Crying oceans in your corner chair.

I wish I could wrap you up today in arms of love and burden-bearing mercy. Wish I could pass you just a little note of grace. Wish we could talk and pray and round out the day with queso and one of those silly movies we trust only a few to watch with us.

Until that day, just this.

You are in a sacred place. You are treading holy ground. You are walking with your Jesus and you may not even know it.

Because really we are all there. Some part failing. Some part overwhelmed. Messy, crying, childlike, struggling. All of us.

But you, beloved. You may have more grace right now than all the rest of us. Because all you need is need. All you need is desperation.

Because all you need is need.
All you need is desperation.


And have you seen our God? Have you noticed how he chooses the lowly, the simple, the ones who cannot hold it all together?

The folly of the world to shame the wise. The weakness of our hearts to boast his power. The shameful death of crucifixion to save our souls.

So praise him now as things fall apart. Praise him when you’ve lost it yet again. Give thanks because the breaking starts the healing, the fall-out starts the grace-in, and the whispered cries for help are sweet love songs in his ears.

…the fall-out starts the grace-in…

I heard these words so often in my growing, learning, new-things phases of life. “You’re just looking for a place to fall!” So applicable to temporary skills like biking without training wheels or swooshing down a ski slope. It’s better not to fall.

But, beloved, those are not the word of Christ to you today. He does not watch on disapprovingly as you flounder over dishes, as you wash them clean so violent so as to scourge away your broken. He is not arms-crossed, feigning pity as you beeline for the bed, wishing this day away.

No. Oh no.

He catches tears that run with dishwater. He ushers mercies for new days. And he meets you here, right now.

“The eternal God is your dwelling place,
and underneath are the everlasting arms.”

Deuteronomy 33:27

Did you hear? Underneath are the everlasting arms.

So if you’re looking for a place to fall today, search no further. Fall right here. Fall right now. Collapse on grace and lay limp on his love.

You are the weary one he welcomes, the burdened one he beckons, the failing one he finds so dear.

And even if tomorrow bodes no better. Even if you fail more fully as each day goes by, you. are. covered. Once and for all, wrapped up in his righteousness. Clothed in the perfect blood of Jesus. His grace abounds to you.

Fall here. You are already caught.
You will not, indeed cannot, be let go.

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