Saturday Reads

Guys Like That – Girls Like Me 

There are three stories that will help you understand the kind of girl I am. – Jonalyn Fischer

12 Essential Bonhoeffer Quotes

The famed theologian’s birthday would have been this week, so here’s some of his timeless wisdom. -Relevant Magazine

How to Create a Culture of Evangelism

“Many Vietnamese are moving into the community around our church; what is the church going to do to reach out to them?” -the Gospel Coalition

Five Lies About Your Body

How we view our bodies will determine whether our plans to change them are God-honoring or self-elevating. Do we see our bodies the way our Maker does? -the Gospel Coaltion

I just got engaged and immediately doubted my decision. Here’s why I still said “yes”… 

The world says the person should be perfect for YOU. The ring should be perfect for YOU. The proposal should be perfect for YOU. The wedding should be perfect for YOU. And the Pinterest world will certainly praise YOU. (If you manage to host the perfect barn wedding, that is.) -Mo Ism

Photographer Gets A-List Celebrities To Reenact Stunning Scenes From Disney Movies (Photos)

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