sending Sally

Dearly Beloved,

We pray this Tuesday finds you soaking up the love of God for you. We’d like to take a few minutes to share some changes that are starting this week.

1271167_759825501724_1171076326_oOur beloved Sally is anxiously awaiting an upcoming career change and move, and we are sad to see these changes take up her time and energy. However, we are thrilled to see what God has in store for her life next, and we know His plans for her are good. We would love for you to continue to follow Sally’s oh-so-lovely blog words and @sallygator on Twitter.

In light of Sally’s transition, we’ve decided to change up the weekly schedule just a bit. Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday will stay the same, but Tuesday and Thursday will no longer have weekly posts. Instead, we’ll be sharing more Scripture, praying together, and developing community on Twitter and Instagram on those days, so be sure you’re following us there.

The Friday schedule will alternate between Katie’s discipleship column and guest posts. If you’re interested in writing a guest post for us, please use our contact link above. We would love to talk further!

So, would you join us today in sending Sally with some love and prayers?

Let’s build her up as she moves toward Jesus in this season of life. Perhaps leave a comment here to let her know she is loved and supported? We’d be so grateful!

With love,
Katie & Lauren

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