There is a Fountain

Hello lovely readers! I’m really thankful that you’re here! Today I’m taking a detour from my usual posting theme about evangelism, because I felt -in my spirit- that I needed to let you in to what Jesus and I are currently duking out… and that freaks me out a little. So, please, beloved – today let’s bring our hearts before Him.

Since Christmas oddly enough, I let my heart wander from the cozy embrace of Jesus. I let busyness set my priorities and the mindset that I just needed to watch an episode of Castle in order to feel rested enslave me. My sinfulness snowballed and left me tumbling heartfirst into other vices, like being easily angered, selfish, fearful and jealous. They tripped me up and made me think that I’d fallen from grace – a dirty saint. Too ashamed by my willingness to wander I didn’t quickly drop my pretenses and reach for His embrace again.

But I’ll tell you what’s real. Church is what’s real. Fellowship is what’s real.
Jesus is who is REAL.

There is a fountain filled with blood
Drawn from Emmanuel’s veins
And sinner’s plunged beneath that flood
Lose all their guilty stains.

Sneaking into a pew on Sunday morning 5 minutes late (bad habit!) I sang the songs and listened to the pastor as he began his sermon, but my mind drifted marveling at the uncanny resemblance between the pastor and George Bush. Thankfully the Spirit drew my attention to his words. His bullet-ed three words on Sunday: Redemption, Release and Remembrance. Just what I needed most to hear. What my soul was longing to remember.

Beloved, rest in His Redemption. You are Released from the shackles of sin.
Remember what He did for you on the Cross.

The dying thief rejoiced to see
That fountain in his day
And there have I though vile as he,
washed all my stains away.

That night Thomas and I traveled to a wedding in Highlands, NC. There the handsome groom wedded his beautiful bride and God filled the already lovely mountain lodge with His joy. We sat at a table surrounded by friends filled with Jesus. and it was. just. so. good. To be built up by the words of a friend traveling down a very different, but similar path in South Africa. To be encouraged by the honesty of another struggling with something very similar to myself. It was night filled with evidence that Jesus loves me.

The next day we scooted our boots back towards Eastman. We stopped at an outlook to breathe deep of the fresh mountain air one more time and take in one more magical view. Parked beside us were two Indian families, they were hovered around their car and the women were carrying rocks. We realized that they had locked themselves out and with no cell reception, were about to bust into their car. So we hurriedly offered our help, which resulted in taking one of their members back into town to call AAA and get lunch for everyone. Our new friend shared how they were on a day trip, that the other couple with them just arrived from India, and that they had been missionaries in the slums in India.

After waving our last goodbyes and smiling for fifteen minutes, we slowly wound down the mountain, and it hit me.

I don’t want to fill my life with busyness. I don’t want to rest in Castle. I don’t want to be afraid all of the time. I long to give my life away! I long to serve others because Jesus first served me.

E’er since by faith I saw the stream
Your flowing wounds supply
Redeeming Love has been my theme
And shall be ’till I die!

So, Beloved, join me today in the refreshing fountain of Christ? It’s easy to forget, to drift, to be distracted… But today is a good day to remember, Beloved.

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