Resources for Evangelism

I’ve put together a list of resources that have helped me over the past 7 years to share my testimony and my faith. I found that as I practiced with friends and family, as I read about ways I could share, and as I watched a few people around me share that I wasn’t as hesitant to bring it up throughout my day. If the Spirit is tugging at you to speak up to the people around you, please take some time and invest it in learning about evangelism. It will reap really awesome fruit in your life!

A huge tool that a lot of Christians forget to hone is their testimony. Take some time to sort through yours using this helpful guide that explains why your testimony is important and how to go about sorting it: Developing a Personal Testimony.

Gospel refreshing words… good sermons to keep listening to: Matt Chandler’s Sacrifice It & Transform It.

A good list of key scriptures that you can use to share the gospel with and explain what some of the “christianese” words mean: Grace andĀ the Cross.

The Gospel Coalition gives some good advice about how to best giveĀ Christian Counsel.

Here is a pdf that gives a simple breakdown of The Bridge Diagram. And a youtube video of a friend breaking it down as well. This is best if you practice it first with a christian friend so that when you’d like to write it down for reals for someone it’s more natural.

And here are loads of good posts at The Resurgence about Evangelism.

I hope these resources encourage you as they’ve encouraged me! If you have a resource that you’ve loved and I haven’t posted it, please post it in the comments section!

Jesus, would you make us into dangerous Christians who wield your word and lead others to You? Put courage inside of us to love you more than we love comfort, other people’s opinions, or fear failure. Amen.

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