Thanksgiving Week: Day One

Thanksgiving to Christmas we get caught up in the cold, the food, and the gifts, but we here at Dearly Beloved want to take time to get caught up in being thankful together! We’re gonna call this season Thanksmas and we’re going to propose a Thanksmas Challenge! Every day this week we’re going to challenge you (and ourselves) to be a little more thankful and to share that thankfulness with each other by posting our daily challenge on your social media sites with the hashtags: #thanksmas #dearlybelovedblog

Thanksmas Challenge Day One: Monday

Post a Photo that makes your heart happy to our Facebook, @DearlyTweets on Twitter, or @dearlybelovedblog on Instagram with the hashtags #thanksmas #dearlybelovedblog

I'm so thankful for this man!!! #ontopoftheworld #thanksmas #dearlybelovedblog

I’m so thankful for this man!!! #ontopoftheworld #thanksmas #dearlybelovedblog

We pray that thanksgiving overwhelms your heart today!

Katie, Sally, and Lauren

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