an invitation to know how much you are loved–you

You, yes, you. If you linger here just long enough to read one line. You, you, are dearly loved by the God who made you.

And if you stay to read on still, we are so deeply glad you have. You are so wanted here. By Jesus, by us.

And if you are logically now wondering exactly where “here” may be, then welcome.

Welcome to the Dearly Beloved Blog:
Doses of Grace for a Girl’s Gospel Life

Dearly Beloved, God’s not-so-secret name for you, where we’ll go on Friday and always…

Doses, small portions, moments in a day for you to consume what gives life…

Grace, sustenance of the live-loved life, guarantee of God’s favor and your place at this table…

For a girl’s, for your life, for the moments that draw us up into the women we were made to be…

Gospel Life, found in Good News, living out of Jesus’ “It is finished!”

We are here for this. We?

Three mid-twenty-somethings who are chasing hard and failing big and learning to live like we are loved by the God who made us–because we are, and so are you. Three women eager to pour out the love of God for us to you. Three perspectives on the next ten years of your life from the end of them looking back. Three–Sally, Katie, Lauren.

And so, these three things.

You are a woman.
You are found in Jesus.
You are God’s dearly beloved, and that changes everything.

To find who we are, how we are, and what on earth we are here for.

This week we set the stage, we offer our hearts, we build a foundation.

Next week we dive in with regular doses, a steady stream, a rhythm for expectations.

Mondays: “Your words were found…” a weekly Bible-study series for your personal growth or for groups

Tuesdays: God loves us honest — in the thick of it with Sally

Wednesdays: breathing Gospel words — evangelism with Lauren

Thursdays: just down the road — discipleship with Katie

Fridays: our guests, often older, who have offered their words

Saturdays: love for your weekend, best of this week’s web, and all that brings us to rest, rejoice!

Will you join us, friend? We so long to get to know you. We so long to get to know Jesus more with you.

You have not stumbled here by accident, not a coincidence that this Monday might find you browsing here. No, not at all. Your Maker appointed each click that brought you here as he pursues your very heart and soul.

So will you come on in? Will you join the conversation? We pray you will find and love Jesus here. We pray you click away with daily grace for having stopped by. We pray our God might be known in these pages and inevitably adored thereafter.

You are wildly loved.
You are fervently pursued.
You are richly redeemed.

Dearly Beloved, we welcome you.

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